It’s cold… but I love it

You have to like the cold to move to Montana. I didn’t know I loved winter until year 2 of living here. I enjoy staying cozy, spending time with my sourdough or baking anything really.

East cost winters are cold. Down to the bone humid cold. I hated them. But since moving here and realizing you can have fun in the winter. It’s made winter a whole lot more tolerable.

You can go snowmobiling, ice-fishing, find new restaurants, stay cozy and watch movies or go shooting

Ft. the boyfriend

But for me, I have no problem laying on the couch reading or cuddling my cat or man while watching a movie.

You kind of have to learn to enjoy the cold. Or just to enjoy the climate and weather of where you are living. Truly I think it would be alittle repetitive to not have the 4 seasons. For it to be warm all the time? Yea I don’t think I could enjoy that. I mean I’m sure I could but there is nothing like watching the seasons change.

I love seeing the snow start to accumulate on the mountain tops. And the horses start growing their fuzzy winter coats. Watching the snow fall and it accumulate on their backs without a single bit of it melting. Seeing the larch sprinkle the mountains with yellow.

I don’t mind the cold. You just learn to appreciate it. It’s a time for relaxing.

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