Sooo, I ran a race

The ShameRock 5k to be exact. If you know me, you would know that I don’t run, have never enjoyed running. I simply thought it would be fun when my coworker pinched it to me and I was also going to be in that area anyways so I paid the $35 and went for it. I can never say no to something a thousand other people are doing for fun…It must be fun.

My co-worker is a much better runner and the run went something like this:

Ready set GO!
Vinny’s head: aww, man I got this
Vinny:” Yeah coworker I got this”
Coworker: “Yeah, we gotta maintain pace blah blah blah blah blah BEER blah blah blah blah”
One mile Later:
Vinny’s head: We cannot go any further, we have to die here
Coworker: “you could save 15% or more by blah blah BEER blah blah”
Vinny: “just go on without me”

One Day later
Vinny’s Feet: “well you see, your feet are down for maintenance Absolutely no weight can be put on them.
Vinny’s head: “yeah but like how am I supposed to get around”
Vinny’s Feet: “That sounds like a, You problem”

Needless to say it the race went awful…. I cannot wait to sign up for the next one. I got a free beer, ice cream and donuts it was outside there was a really good band at the afterparty. despite my feet hurting like never before, it was fun. Will gladly do again.

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