Vinny’s Corner: Why not Facebook

Gawd, I hate Facebook. Here is what I hate about Facebook. At the Facebook campus there are  legions of engineers, phycologists, programmers that are there to extract as much information out of you then use that information to take your freedom away…well money. Being an engineer myself I know mixing X chemicals with Y conditions will Yield Z amount of product. Well that is exactly what they are doing to each and every person on that site. They take all the information and something like this is happening:

Programmer: We have Vincent Chirico here. We extracted that he hikes, bikes, probably voted for X, and lives here. In May we sent him a series of this pic he liked this this and this

Phycologist: yep, I would categorize him introvert with a type B personality

Statistician: Okay if we send him Settler of Catan boardgame ads there a 97% percent chance he will buy it. 

Business guy: Settlers of Catan don’t pay much. Pissing him off using posts from this guy will increase engagement. He might be convinced by this ad from Anti-Depressants Inc. They pay twice what making him actually happy would.  

Something like this happens several thousand times a second thanks to algorithms and computers. They push political agendas, products we don’t need and sell our information to people we do not like. Thinking that I am smarter by not posting certain things or not letting them know what I think about certain topics is fruitless; it’s the equivalent of a gambler thinking they can beat the casino. 

  Putting information on Facebook just gives them more material to figure out how to extract the most money regardless of your level of happiness. Being totally disconnected is impossible so I only use it for messaging and the occasional Facebook marketplace hence why I still have my account but haven’t updated it since my visit in California. 

There is a happy ending though. That is this site where WordPress literally does not care as they are paid by actual dollars not data. In fact by visiting this site I am collecting Data on you Muah ha ha. Rest assured the most I’ll do is track you down for a round of Settlers of Catan. 

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