Welcome to the Chronicles of the Chiricos

Hello, we are all Chirico’s that are going through life just like anyone else.

Latest from my Random Rants on Life

Why yes

I get it, I get why people live in Arizona. It’s pretty cool really. It was 70° and sunny in March. Meanwhile, I have been miserable in Colorado. Colorado weather is a thousand times better than most places. Phoenix just has some awesome access to cool places. You got Flagstaff 2 hours north, Sedona an…

My Obsession with a late 70s Videogame

If you know the Chirico household you would know that we grew up with an asteroid deluxe arcade machine. After the divorce that machine has long been sold. Buut, I found two asteroids machines available to the public at the Barcade (new haven) and the Game Craft (Putnam). I already claimed the high score at…

Sooo, I ran a race

The ShameRock 5k to be exact. If you know me, you would know that I don’t run, have never enjoyed running. I simply thought it would be fun when my coworker pinched it to me and I was also going to be in that area anyways so I paid the $35 and went for it.…

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