Welcome to the Chronicles of the Chiricos

Hello, we are all Chirico’s that are going through life just like anyone else.

Latest from our Random Rants on Life

If its in the News, its the wrong time to buy

If you know me you would know that I took a job in Connecticut after living in upstate NY for five years while working in high tech traveling job. I took up work in a 75 year old factory, perhaps I got sick of looking at shiny stainless steel (Nah it was awesome)…. Quite the…

My love for MakerSpaces

Everyone needs a third place outside of work that isn’t a house and far enough out of reach from the nag bag. (Wife) A place where spontaneous conversations with someone you wouldn’t normally talk to. After all, even your best friend was a stranger once.  Anyways a makerspace is a space that you “make” things…

The fails of sourdough

Sourdough is such a finicky thing. It’s a huge learning curve. Right when I think my dough is doing well and the future looks promising…. I am shown I’m wrong. Sourdough is all about timing, stretches and folds. Every 30 minutes, you have to perform yoga moves to your dough. To strengthen its core… I…

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